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Lindenmayer DB and HP Possingham (2013) No Excuse for Habitat Destruction. SCIENCE 340(6133):680-680

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To counter biodiversity loss, the most widely used strategy is to establish reserves. Hence, a system of protected areas was established in 2008 for Leadbeater's possum (Gymnobelideus leadbeateri)?the faunal emblem of the Australian state of Victoria. This reserve system is based on a population viability analysis that uncovered the best strategy for cost-effectively securing the species (3). The strategy consists of no-logging reserves embedded within government-owned forests that are otherwise primarily for wood production (4). Yet in the past 2 years, government-sanctioned changes in legislation (5) and substantial watering down of protocols for habitat protection (6) have resulted in clearfell logging of those reserves (in which most of the trees are cut down) and destruction of known habitat for Leadbeater's possum. Clearfell logging renders the animal's forest habitat unsuitable for at least 150 years (4).