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Sato CF, JT Wood, M Schroder, K Green, WS Osborne, DR Michael and DB Lindenmayer (2013) An experiment to test key hypotheses of the drivers of reptile distribution in disturbed subalpine ski resorts. JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY 51:13-22

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1. Alpine and subalpine ecosystems support many endemic species. These ecosystems are increasingly under threat from human-induced disturbances such as habitat loss and fragmentation as a consequence of ski resort development and expansion. However, limited peer-reviewed research has investigated the impacts of ski-related disturbances on wildlife, particularly on reptiles. 2. To address this knowledge gap, we conducted reptile surveys to determine the patterns of reptile distribution and abundance in Australian ski resorts. Then, using a factorial experimental design, we investigated 1) the influence of temperature and predation in driving observed distributions and 2) how a common ski resort management practice