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Menz MHM, KW Dixon and RJ Hobbs (2013) Hurdles and Opportunities for Landscape-Scale Restoration. SCIENCE 399(6119):526-527

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A priority outcome from the 2012 United Nations Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development ( 1) was the target to restore, by 2020, 150 million ha of disturbed and degraded land globally ( 2). An initiative of this scale is estimated to cost U.S. $18 billion per year and to provide U.S. $84 billion per year to the global economy ( 2). Although such initiatives have transformative potential because of their scope and backing, they require technology and knowledge capacity to deliver proven, scalable restoration ( 3). Restoration processes must achieve the greatest value for money, as far as socioeconomic and biodiversity conservation outcomes, while avoiding costly and simplistic plantings ( 4).